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Stop This Oppression!

Tomorrow can be too late. Support the victims of State of Emergency in Turkey with your donations and say “stop this oppression now”!

Turkey woke up into a nightmare on the morning of July 16. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been destroyed after a failed coup attempt whose perpetrators are yet to be found. Using the coup attempt as an excuse, the constitution is suspended through methods such as State of Emergency and Delegated Legislation (KHK) which were only adopted by coup governments.

The number of those who were sacked and dismissed from civil service reached 100.000. Yet, if you ask the authorities, they do not even comprise of one percent. Ten thousands of people, together with their families, were left desperate and in emergent need. They were prevented from finding a job in the private sector and abandoned to civil death. 85.000 people were arrested without any evidence and were condemned to sink into oblivion in the prisons. Old, sick, disabled, pregnant people were imprisoned without special attention being paid to their conditions. Their lives are in danger. In the meantime, besides 25 suspicious deaths, hundreds of torture and rape claims came to the attention of public, yet, neither a satisfactory explanation was made by the authorities nor a will was expressed to investigate the claims.

The free press which could publish about these was severely silenced. 186 media organization was shut down. 144 journalists were imprisoned and thousands of them were either fired or intimidated by oppression, censorship, violence and threat. The most fundamental democratic values were destroyed, including freedom of speech.

The witch hunt that has been going on for three years led to the illegal shut down of thousands of organizations opened with the support of civil initiatives. All of them were seized and freedom of enterprise and right of property were ignored. Thousands of business organizations were usurped, and the wealth of businessmen, which was worth 50 billion Turkish Liras was extorted. Ten thousands of employees were fired and left with no other chance to find employment. In order to explain all this theft, they made up stories and said “the money of nation returned to nation.”

Since July 15, without any questioning, 28 thousand teachers were dismissed, 20 thousand were laid off, 2.600 were arrested and the license of 28 thousand of those working in private sector were cancelled. In total, the only means of living for 80.000 teachers is taken away from their hands and they are condemned to starvation with their families. In Turkey, The Minister of National Education was changed six times during the last 14 years and 17 fundamental changes were made in the education system. The future of young generations is slowly being destroyed. Still, despite this dark image, the authorities continue to deceive people and say that “The future of education in Turkey is bright”.

The passports of people are seized and they are prevented from travelling abroad. Those who are not intimidated by threat are oppressed by blackmailing. Instead of people who could not be found, they detained their wives, mothers and fathers. People who are condemned to starvation are prevented from selling their properties and left vulnerable to massacre.

The situation is heartbreaking. The victims of State of Emergency and KHK are experiencing violence at an unprecedented level. Tomorrow can be too late. Support them with the donations for the campaign of KYM International and say “stop this oppression now”!

Thousands of people were imprisoned illegally without any single evidence. Approximately hundred thousand people lost their jobs and they are not allowed to be requited anywhere. Hundreds thousands of people together with their families trying to be taken under control with hunger.

These peoples have been discredited in society without giving any opportunity to defense. All the mechanisms and platforms where they can make their voice heard were closed and banned. Public hatred and fear have been pumped to society and victims of witch hunt were exposed to social and economic isolation. Children to fathers and brothers to brothers were antagonized.

Support the victims with your donations and help to stop the oppression. Even the little support may give hope to the victims. You can contribute this campaign via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer by clicking the donation tab at our web- site.


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