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Oppression Stories

“My husband, who worked as a teacher, was detained when we were at our house in Antalya in July. He was taken to Antalya Directorate of Anti-smuggling and Organized Crime Branch. We could not find a lawyer. We did not hear from him during the detention. One day, an acquaintance of us saw him at a hospital and called us. We were very surprised. We went to the security general directorate to ask about his situation. They said “he is fine” and insulted us. They told us to get out and even attempted to beat us yet they were calmed down by people around. They were obviously worried when we asked my husband’s situation. Also, on the same day they asked me to bring slippers for him.

My brother and my father are also detained. I got suspicious when they asked for slippers for my husband only. We explained the situation to the prosecutor. He called the security general directorate and informed us that my husband was in hospital, yet they did not tell us at which hospital he was. We searched all the hospitals. Eventually we found out that he was at a public hospital in general surgery clinic. When we found his room he was being treated in intensive care unit. He could only say “I got an operation”. When the policemen noticed that we were there, they threw us out. In the meantime we found out that when during the first five days of his detention my husband was taken to a private hospital almost every day. We accessed his registration files. They secretly arranged an intestinal operation for him. We suspect that during interrogation, they used physical violence on him and that my husband was tortured by a hard object that was inserted in his body.”