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Oppression Stories

I am chief of police. There were hundreds of detentions after 15th of July in Kocaeli. People who were put in jails well exceeded jail capacity. They even used sports halls like concentration camps. Especially the directorate of anti-smuggling branch systematically tortured teachers. After being tortured, they were unable to sit properly and practice their prayers. The daily medical check-ups were done once in five days. Even though statement taking was completed for those under detention, they were kept detained for 20-30 days. They were handcuffed even in the jail and while sleeping. Even if they were not all exposed to torture, the wrists of all suspects were wounded. Yet, doctors did not write this in their reports. A teacher who had a black eye due to torture, was tried to be treated using primitive means by policemen before medical examination. It was not mentioned in the medical examination.”