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Oppression Stories

Due to statutory decree after state of emergency, K.P, a teacher in a village, was sacked from civil service without hearing his defense, being questioned, or interrogated and prosecuted, like many others. He told in his letter that he did not even know what his guilt was: “since it is not disclosed I don’t know what I am accused of. As far as I heard from media I think I might be considered guilty because of being a member of Aktif-Eğitim Syndicate. There is no court decree indicating that this syndicate is a terrorist organization and I have not been warned or informed by my seniors through an official letter. If this syndicate is a terrorist organization, why was not it closed? In the schools where I worked as a civil servant, my only purpose has been public welfare. Since my name is mentioned on social media, I cannot find any work in the private sector. We are basically facing civil death”.